2017-18 Series

Fall 2017

October 12: Joanna Demers (USC), 4pm, SMB 1439

November 30: Mitchell Morris (UCLA) and Jessica Schwartz (UCLA), 4pm, SMB 1439, A Conversation on Ecomusicology

Winter 2018

January 25: “Music, Canon, and Identity: Pedagogical Perspectives,” 4pm, Royce 314

As part of the growing concerns surrounding intersectionality in academic discourse and inclusivity in the classroom, this symposium brings together the scholars Robert Fink (UCLA), Jessica Holmes (UCLA), Uri McMillan (UCLA), Beth Levy (UC Davis), and Stephan Pennington (Tufts University) in order to probe notions of identity, canon, and pedagogy—all through a musical lens. From American mythologies to Grace Jones, this symposium aims to critically examine Western culture and values.

February 15: Robynn Stilwell (Georgetown University) 4pm, SMB 1344

Spring 2018

April 5: Phil Ford (Indiana University) 4pm, SMB 1344

April 26: Vijay Iyer (Harvard University) 4pm, SMB 1325

May 17-18: Dancehall Moves: A mini-symposium on Jamaican Popular Music and Dance 

Join the Musicology Graduate Students Society as they welcome two international guests from Kingston, Jamaica. Dancehall scholar Donna Hope and dancehall innovator Latonya Style present a lecture, joint Q&A, seminar, and dancehall dance workshop this May. Hope is an award-winning professor at University of the West Indies. Her publications include single-author monographs and edited volumes on reggae and dancehall music. Style is a dancer, creator of “Stylish Moves” (a female dancehall movement vocabulary), and is CEO of Dance Jamaica Academy Limited. Style has choreographed/appeared in music videos for artists such as Busta Rhymes, Tory Lanez, Vybz Kartel and Beenie Man. If you hope to learn about and experience music, dance, and Jamaican culture, this is event is a perfect fit!



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